Middle portion of front yard

Here’s the portion of the garden directly in the front of the house.  This is probably the best angle, and somewhat deceiving since it doesn’t show how messy it looks straight on.  Ah, the beauty of photography.  Almost anything can look good in a well done photograph.

This photo was taken a week or more ago, at the end of May, before I shaved the lavender and before I finished the other part of the front yard.  Early next spring we will need to cut back the smoke tree almost to the stump, as directed in the Mid-Atlantic Top 10 Garden Guide, so that it will grow more bushy and not so lanky and bare like it is growing now.  I believe I need to cut back the daffodil and tulip stems and leaves, another thing to look up. The clover in the yard is steadily taking over the designated garden space.  While I like clover in the yard, it needs to be put in its place!  The lavender is too big for its stop now, but I really like how it looks.  Chris, my husband, said that the yard actually looked like an English garden!  I hope it continues to look good throughout the season, as more of these colors die off.

How in the world did a squash plant, or whatever it is, end up in this part of our yard?  I am disappointed that the peruvian lily I planted failed AGAIN.  It’s in the Top 10 Guide, but it seems to hate this tiny part of the Mid-Atlantic.  This little portion by the door needs to be redone again, even after Chris did all that digging and fertilizing and putting in all those bulbs.


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