Skirt-n the issue- additional notes

In addition to what I have in the original skirt-n the issue post, another issue I found with making a pair of jeans into skinny jeans is that you can often see the woven threads in the fabric of the pants and it makes tiny lines going down the pant leg.  When the pant leg gets cut and what was once on the bottom outer edge of the pant leg gets pulled in to the center, the nice, subtle lines in the pants get redirected.  All to say, be careful of which pants you use to make into skinny jeans.

Also, when going to hem the skirt, I at first thought I would just measure down the sides to the length I want, allowing an inch for the hem, and then cutting straight across from one point to the other.  NOT the case.  Luckily I noticed before I started cutting that the front, when laid flat, dips down and the back curves up. So I put the skirt-in-progress on and then folded up the material to where I would eventually want it and marked it.  (I pinned it loosely in place so that I could mark it when I took it off.)  At least on this skirt, it came out that I needed one inch less from the top to bottom in the front than the sides, and then the back needed once more inch in length than the sides.


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