Skirt-n the issue

The women at my church recently had a clothing swap and I was super excited to find some new and interesting clothes.  I was also on the hunt for items I thought I could tweak since I kept seeing clothes and such and thinking, “Pssh, I can make that.”   I also wanted to remember any sewing skills I once had.  (I took sewing classes when I was 6, and got very frustrated with it because I was constantly comparing my sewing to my 8 year old sister who was also taking the sewing class and speeding her way, so it seemed to me, through the projects with ease.  The younger me did not realize that a 6 year old does not have the same motor skills and processing skills as an older kid.  All to say, the frustration with sewing stuck for a long time.)

Anyways, from the clothing swap I picked up a pair of jeans from my friend Jess with the intentions of changing them from flare jeans to skinny jeans based off of a tutorial I saw on Pinterest.  Here are the pants in original form:

The tutorial, in short, said to simply put the pants on inside out, figure out how tight to make them based on your leg, and sew up the inside of the pantleg.  Ok, that doesn’t make sense in short.  Hold on, let me use my awesome Microsoft Paint skills to show you.  If these were your flare pants, you would sew it along the red line from your ankle to your knee, assuming your jeans were fitted to the knee, it would be like this:

Anyways, this method did not work.  Sewing this way creates two different kinds of seams trying to flow into each other, and they don’t flow.  Instead, it created a bump and the only way I could figure out how to not have a bump was to rip out the entire inside seam.   I did not discover the bump issue until after I had already cut the excess material from the leg.  No going back.  I gave my sister a lengthy tale of my pants reconstruction woes, after which she asked, “Why don’t you just make it a skirt?”  Oh.  Duh.

I won’t go into details on how to convert jeans to a skirt, as it has already been documented extensively on the internet.  Basically, I ripped out the inside pants seams up to the zipper and used the extra pants leg to fill in the front.

I was going to do the same thing in the back, but doing that having the flap out in the back like I did the front was going to look funny, cause it’s quite a big flap.  Fortunately, the back had enough fabric to make a straight seam back.  Just had to re-iron and sew.  Then hemmed the bottom to the length I wanted. Ta-da!  I think it made a better skirt than skinny jeans.  As my elementary school art teacher always said, “Make the most of your mistakes!”


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