Growing race

New seedlings are appearing all over the place!  Pictured are some carrot seedlings I have in containers.  This is my 2nd envelop of carrot seeds, as the first never came to fruition.  The first envelop had come from a free plant exchange my husband’s workplace had for earth day and was saved from last year.  The wildflower mix I put in last week along the fence also appears to be sprouting, as are the basil and marigold seeds put in along the front of the curved part of the garden in the front of the house.  This is the rest of my “giant buy” seeds for the marigolds.  The first batch are happily growing next to the tomato plants.  Only one basil plant survived from my first seed packet, so this is my 2nd basil seed packet for this year as well.  It always amazes me how these tiny specks that could just be dirt can transform into all these different plants!  One tiny seed.  How does it know it has water?  How does it know its in soil and so know when to emerge?  Everyday wonders.

So for some of the seedlings I was unsure if they were collards or butterfly flowers.  They’ve gotten bigger quickly and now I am pretty sure they are collards.  Which means I better start looking up recipes for them cause I planted those things everywhere.   This also means I somehow killed all the butterfly flowers.  Sigh.  With lots of rain today (I hope my rain barrels filled up!) and temps reaching the low 80’s and sunshine called for the rest of the week, the plants I didn’t already kill should be growing like crazy!

That also means that the weeds will be growing just as fast.  I don’t mind the grass kind of weeds but I detest the spiky things that prick!  These boogers grow SO fast and they spread by the root.  It’s hard to get all of the roots out cause they break so easily.  And they are EVERYwhere in the front.  In an effort to build up the garden on the side of the house, I started to make the mistake of transferring dirt from the front to the side, when  I realized I would be transferring those horrible weeds as well.  I didn’t think of this till days later and tried to shovel it back, but the damage might already be done.  That dirt did get quite dried out so many any tender roots died?  Yet, these weeds seem to be able to survive trapped underneath plastic.  They are just white and wait patiently for that sunlight.  All to say, I am not very hopeful.  What are they anyways?

Things to do this week once it stops raining:


2. Plant the flowers I picked up through freecycle.  Half have somehow survived through my neglect in their pots without enough dirt and one is even blooming!  Which is helpful, cause I had no idea what plant I was digging up from this nice woman’s yard.  Or if they really were flowers.  Turns out they are the orange lily looking things I had been wanting!!  Now, to put them by the mailbox or on the north side of the house?  She said they need separated every two years, and if I put them on the north side, that might slow them down and then I’d finally have something to look at over there.

3. Plant seeds and the new lavender by the lamppost without chopping into any electrical wires that may be there.  MUST get done this week, its getting way too late in June for this seed stuff.  I have not touched this area yet, so I foresee a lot of digging in my future.

4. Find awesome containers to plant my new succulents in!  I’m so excited.  I’ve been wanting something pretty on my front porch, but being a covered area on the west side of the house, it receives tons of sun but next to no rain.  And I am not a diligent water-er.  I think these will be the plants that will survive on my porch.

Phew.  I feel tired just from thinking about all that.


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