All Around the Mailbox

Spruced up the area by the mailbox this afternoon.  I’m not sure why most people, including me, have a need to decorate around the mailbox.  Do people do this in other countries?  I’m sure the neighbors and our mail person are grateful.  Back in March/early April the hyacinth bulbs, left by the previous owner, bloomed early from the mild winter we had and surrounded our mailbox with cuteness.  This is what it looked like then:

I don’t do anything to them, and they just keep coming back.  No soil amendments, no deadheading, nothing.  Just a sunny spot.

I pretty much ignored that area since I needed to focus on putting in the other garden areas.  But the weeds had really grown up and I had been wanting to expand that area slightly for room for more flowers, and today turned out to be the day to do so.  I weeded and recovered the area that had once been for planting till the clover took over, plus dug up a little more to make a nice shape.  I also split off some extra growth from the, I don’t know what it is, ornamental grass? to form hopefully 2 more of its kind.  Then I should have more year round green to look at and it’s in a group of 3, which looks fuller and more at ease with the landscape then just a loner clump a’something.  The other plants are something leftover from the tulip bulbs, I believe.  I wonder if I need to cut those down.  In the front where its just mulch right now I put a few seeds of Aster, mixed colors since they should only grow to 2′ max.  In the back I put some centranthus ruber, a perennial that should top out at 3′.  I’m a lot more conscious of the height of what i plant down here since the first season we lived here I planted some dahlia bulbs from my grandmother and some from the store, without asking how tall they got.  Some of the dahlia’s were perfect!  The other dalhias (again, not sure which was which cause I didn’t make note of anything) were perfect…perfect skyscrapers!  They were so tall and falling all over the place.  Not doing that again!  Talking about past plantings I had down here, makes me realize I must have killed off the other flowers my grandmother lovingly gave me to plant.  😦   Darn.  I wonder what she really thinks each time she asks how her plants did just to find out I destroyed them, too.  Sigh.  Better results this time around?  I did add some organic Plant-tone fertilizer to the soil and covered the seeds with organic Miracle Grow garden soil and then mulch.  It’s not much to look at right now, but at least it’s clean looking and weeds aren’t attacking our nice mail person.  Just need to maintain!


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