At first glance, this looks like just a mess of weeds and what not, but if you look closer, you will see…tomatoes!  Tomato plants just grew up on their own in this one corner of the garden!  I’ve never had an annual just come back on its own like this.  I attribute this to the extremely warm winter we had here in Maryland that the seeds were able to survive and then grow.  The seeds either must be from a fallen tomato, since I did have a tomato plant just to the right of this photo last year (I know, I’m not supposed to plant tomatoes in the same spot they were the previous year, but I’m so limited on space.  What else could I do?  I gave them nice tomato plant food, does that make up for my error?)  or they sprouted from some seeds from our compost barrel.  I forgot we had spread some compost here, and I was wondering why I kept finding fruit stickers and avaocado peels everywhere.  Oops.

So on Thursday I cleared out some of the weeds, and had so many tomato plants in this area that I put some into small containers for planting elsewhere or maybe to give away.  I also had to shift some tomato plants over so that I could keep the pathway I started and have a clear path to the back of the front landscape/right up against the house. Yesterday I only got to deadhead some on the spireas.



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