Lamp post

Yesterday Chris helped me put in a new garden area around the lamp post.   We had poked around the ground of the lamp post back when we first got the place because we couldn’t figure out where the switch was to turn it on or off was in the house (we still haven’t found it, if it exists) and so wanted to see where it might be hooked up to.  Couldn’t find any wires.  So, we felt fairly comfortable taking the tiller to the area.  The tiller only scraps up the top few inches of earth anyways.  I am probably horrifying someone of my stupidity and risk of hitting wires right now.  Anyways, still no wires found, but we did find massive roots from I believe the tree on the other side of the driveway.  I wanted to mound up the dirt to make this patch anyways, so it was not too much of an issue.  I had covered the area with plastic for a while to kill some of the grass off ahead of time, and while I didn’t do that for long enough, I think it did help some.  I found some leftover bone meal from last year so I added that into the soil where the gladiolus bulbs were going in, which is actually along the driveway as well as where they are marked on the picture.  So, I just made my goal of getting the rest of the seeds planted by the end of the week!  Phew.

I was super excited today to pick some herbs from the garden to make my favorite spaghetti sauce.  The recipe comes from the cookbook “Simply in Season” sold by Ten Thousand Villages and is SO GOOD!  I also love how the cookbook is organized by what is available from the garden or the farmer’s market by the season.   This sauce is the reason I am growing so many roma tomato plants and why I keep trying to grow carrots even though I keep failing.  Someday, I WILL be able to grow everything I need (produce wise) for this sauce in my own yard.  Mmm, look at all those colors!

While I worked on the sauce, Chris was making up his own blueberry-orange truffle recipe using last year’s blueberries from my parents’ garden.  He also made up a raspberry truffle recipe today using framboise liqueur.  Nothing from the garden in there, but still homemade! 


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