Succulents: The College Kid Plant

I had gotten Debra Baldwin’s “Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants” book from the library a couple months ago and was just entranced by the beauty and variety and easy care of succulents.  Succulents seem to be the perfect solution for decorating my front porch.  It’s a spot that gets plenty of afternoon sun, but often gets VERY dry because when I see it raining outside, I do not water, leading me to neglect the potted plants on the front porch that are shielded from the rainfall.  In short, every plant that goes on my front porch dies of thirst.

Sadly the local farm stand and the local bigger nursery did not have any or few succulents.  I finally found a small variety at Lowe’s and went giddy, snatching up several without restraint.  As I was standing in line to purchase the plants, this joyful woman in front of me pointed at the plants and said, “Ooh, succulents.  You must be a college student!”  To which I laughed and said, no, no, I just saw them in a book and was excited to try them out.  I guess an armful of the easiest to care for plants on the market screams college student, the garden newbie sprucing up her first apartment to the more experienced gardening community.  haha!

Here’s the lot:The two pots on the right are from Chinatown in Boston, probably, and have no drain holes, so hopefully I will not overwater these and kill them like I have with everything else in these pots. I searched 2 Goodwills this afternoon looking for something super interesting to put the rest of the succulents in but to no avail.  Maybe I need to get more creative.  Hey!  I do have a broken toilet under the deck….

The pineapple top is from this video I saw through pinterest of growing a pineapple plant from the top of a pineapple.  My first go at it failed. At least, nothing appeared to have happened.  Why not have another try?  I like pineapple.


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