Sautéed Collards and Dill

THIS is the reason I planted collards this year.  Sautéed collards. mmmm!  The first time we went to make this swiss chard recipe, we accidentally bought collards at the farmer’s stand instead of swiss chard. When we remade it as written, we realized we liked it MUCH better with collards, since collards hold their shape better and don’t get into a gross wilt-y state.  The recipe also becomes magic when using this particular wine: Cono Sur sauvignon blanc.   We tried another white wine, but all I could think about was this one.  We picked out this wine only cause it was cheap, and now I will have no other.  It was such a pleasant surprise to come back from a long weekend away and find plenty of collard leaves ready to be eaten.  We weren’t planning on cooking after driving 8 hours, but how could we pass this up?

Another thing that is rapidly increasing in the garden is dill.  Chris has a loaf of dill bread, recipe by Food Network, rising right now.  I plan to dry some dill to use in our mac n’ cheese, carrot burgers,  cucumber salads, and fish dishes, which are already regular dinners in our kitchen.  Couple of dill recipes I am set on trying:

Feta Dill Biscuits

Feta Dill Bread

Lemony Carrot Salad with Dill


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