A Bed for the Garden Bed

Two trellises up!!  It makes me think of an old-timey bed, haha.  Once the plants grow more and get adjusted to their new frame, I hope it will be a wall of beautiful!  We just got the metal part up last night and so this morning I sprinted out of bed to tie on all the strings before the heat advisory went into effect today at 11am.  Weather.com said 95 degrees by noon!  I didn’t get it done quite by then,but it didn’t feel too hot or muggy.  I am going to string more lines between the two trellises for extra support, since some plants are more in between the two rather than right up against one to properly wind around it.  One of the surprise squash plants seems very happy to have support and, you can’t really see it, but it was so long I already wove it halfway up the left side.  Again, thanks to this youtube video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCCx93hEoa8 for the instructions.  How to tie the strings was a major part of the video.  A huge improvement from the pvc pipe (too bendy.  I was not aware.)  I tried to use last year for my beans and randomly strung back and forth.

For the plants in the front, I was considering doing something different so it would look prettier as this is what is seen from the street.  Why is bamboo so expensive and cedar planks so hard to find?  I am learning towards more bamboo teepees so they can tie in with the squash plant by the door. 


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