Tomato Trellis Conduit style

When it comes to new tomato supports, I made a decision!  I am making trellises out of conduit and nylon string.  I didn’t know what it was called, but I swore I knew this metal pole existed somewhere in the hardware store and so I wandered around until I found it: “Electric Metallic 1/2″ Tube Conduit.”  A 10 foot pole is only $2!  And all the little pieces that hook them together are pretty cheap too.  I was so excited, but not sure what to do with it.  So I ran home and looked it up.  The first video I watched was  Reaganite71’s video tutorial for how to make the trellis and it was like choirs of angels singing!  Very easy, clear, and I realized I had seen this style before, like in this rooftop garden I am in love with.  I am following this tutorial pretty closely.  Only difference is I am bending my conduit instead of cutting it and then piecing the corners together, an idea I got from  While the conduit bender costs more than a cutter, I don’t have to buy all the corner pieces, so if I make enough trellises, I will come out ahead cost wise.

One trouble I ran into when searching out other options was getting these massive products home.  10′ pole or fence vs. my 4 door sedan.  I realized with the conduit that I could get it home if I simply did the bending, or cutting, at the store.  So, that’s what I did.  I bought the stuff then bent everything in the parking lot and if fit perfectly in my car.  The only trouble I ran into when I got home was that my trellis was too wide for me to hold both sides and too tall for me to hold the top to lift it into place, so I had to wait for my hubby to get home before I could install it.  (I used 2- 10′ pieces for each trellis.  I don’t know if that is too big or not to be sturdy.)  I will tie on the string tomorrow morning.

In other news, I think the bunnies are eating my dahlias.  That or I took care of them so poorly last season that only a few survived.  😦  I put some of the short garden fencing around them to protect them just in case it is the bunnies.  I also think the birds ate much of the seed I put out.


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