The lightening show

10 hours after I finished putting up the new trellis, this MASSIVE storm blew through Maryland.  I have never seen the sky flash with lightening without break for 30 straight minutes.  When a lightening storm comes, I often do that thing where you count the seconds between when you see the lightening and when you hear the thunder to find out how far away the storm is, even though I don’t remember the formula for really calculating that. This time, there was no need.  I couldn’t get through 1 second without seeing more lightening.  The lightening finally slowed down to having an occasional 2 second break between lightening flashes.  It became kinda like counting the seconds when waiting for popcorn to be done popping.  That’s when I got bored and gave up watching the storm.  The wind was pretty fierce too with amazing downpours.  This area didn’t do too bad, but just 10 miles south of us they have trees and branches down everywhere and many are still without power, two days later.  Everyone is fine, just hot from the lack of air-conditioning.  The ice cream and snow ball stands with power are raking in the cash today!  It was nice to see that the trellis looked completely unfazed by the storm, so at least I know it can stand up to crazy winds.

The bulbs around the lamp post are springing up!  They must be very happy to finally be in soil.  I am, however, under the suspicion that the local feathery and furry friends have messed up most of the flower seeds since not much seems to be growing in that department.  I’m also not sure if I’ll keep this spot as a planting spot.  People keep stepping on it and compacting the soil. Part of the issue is the walkway itself.  I think it should start further down the driveway.  I should also finish some projects so I can park my car in the garage again.

Huh!  Turns out this blog thing is helping me.  I was all confused as to why these seedlings which I thought should be basil looked nothing like basil seedlings.  So I checked a previous post on my edible front yard garden and there it was, labeled that they are actually zinnias!  It all makes sense now!  Which reminds me that I have not labeled the side yard yet.  Another thing to do this week, as well as fertilizing, weeding, and moving some basil and tomato plants around for more room to grow.