Growth Explosion!

I left my garden in the care of a friend for two weeks while my hubby-hoo and I went on vacation. I was really glad to have found someone not only willing to plant sit for that long and for that many plants, but to also find someone who was actually excited about getting to garden! Ever since her parents moved to a townhouse, she’s been missing having a garden so this worked out great for the both of us. I told her at minimum, just to water it and keep everything alive.  As we pulled into our driveway and saw our yard, we both exclaimed, “HOLY CRAP!”  Compared to before, it was like a jungle moved in!  A good jungle, mind that!  Now, either it’s just that time of year or she is way better than me at caring for plants because everything had just EXPLODED with growth!   Look at all those flowers and the tomato plants are HUGE and covered with tomatoes!  I only had one cosmos starting to bud when we left, and now this!

By the lampost there were no flowers, now look!  Way to go plant sitter and the month of July!

In the bad news department, we’re still having a problem with blossom end rot.  I plucked a lot of bad tomatoes off, which is always depressing, especially when they account for most of the ones turning red, as well as breaking off a lot of diseased leaves.  It appears the bunnies are still munching away at all my basil and the lemon balm, so I have very little to work with.  The tomato plants in the back have outgrown my old trellis system and need extra support as they are falling everywhere.  Same old problems to work on.

What was new was that mystery plant that sprung up in the front by itself that we then realized was a squash plant, may not be a squash plant after all!  Is that a pumpkin?!?

When we left, we had this big vine just taking over.  I had trellised it to a bamboo teepee, but that wasn’t enough for it, it reached out along the ground as well.  I was getting annoyed with it because it had all these blooms, but I could never see any produce coming from it.  We return two weeks later to THIS!  Maybe I should go away more often!


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