Seed Collection

A trip to my grandmother reminded me that it was time to start gathering seeds for next season.  I came home with little baggies full of seeds for these nice border flowers, the name of which I have no idea.  I am always humbled when I fail to grow something she gives me since she grows magnificent dahlias and other flowers in this tiny strip of land alongside her building in the middle of Boston.  Year after year her garden flourishes behind its short fence made of old oven racks and refrigerator shelves even as people who walk buy feel entitled to pick her flowers without permission (how rude!).  Maybe cause she uses chemical fertilizers and I don’t does she have a visual advantage, but its still not a good enough excuse when I have much more land and a much younger body to do the work with.  In any case, next year I look forward to pink and yellow flowers framing my lamppost and mailbox.

Today I gathered seeds from the cosmos.  It was accidentally perfect timing as many flowers had died off and only the dry seeds were left on the stem, making them easy to just brush into the bowl:

And then cut some of the heads from the cone flowers. They need to dry a bit more before I get the seeds off:

I am still enjoying the beauty of the zinnias.  I LOVE this flower since it is so stinkin’ easy to grow and makes such a great cut flower.  And they last more than a week, even when cut.  When this bunch of zinnias start to die, I will let them dry and collect their seeds to have a pink collection.  I plan to repeat with red zinnias, yellow, orange, etc.

When I left my grandmother’s, I left with not only flower seeds, but bags and bags of fabric!  As a seamstress and an immigrant, my grandmother would save the leftover fabric from where she worked.  I’m not sure how much of what she made at home was made from these scraps, but she did make much of her 5 children’s clothing as they grew up.  Here’s a sample of the loot:

She’s sorting out a lot of her fabric and thread since she’s getting older and has slowed down with making things.  I’m excited to make something with it and carry on what she started so many years ago.  My grandmother and aunts were laughing that this stuff was vintage since she’s had it stored in her room for possibly decades.  Turns out, they were right!  I found one piece of proof, right on the fabric.  It looks like it gives information on the type of fabric as well as the date May 14, 1963.  Isn’t history awesome?!


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