Mother’s Day: Time for New Life

We’re two days away from Mother’s Day, and I barely have anything done in the yard.  Amongst other projects I have been meaning to document on here.  But! speaking of Mother’s Day,  I have a good excuse for all this: In March, I became a mom!DSC01167Life with her is so sweet!  And yet so different from before.  Her smiles and little noises are so adorable and I love it when she falls asleep on my chest.  I look forward to the joys and wonders of each stage in our new life together.  At the same time, it’s challenging and exhausting, suddenly being thrust into a new schedule of feeding, diaper changing, and rocking her to sleep that repeats every 3 hours.  If someone else is around to help care for her, I may get 2 hours to work on something, but that’s not the norm.  Sometimes I only get 10 minutes!  Getting out of the house is a special challenge, even if it is only into my own yard.

So, back to the state of the garden.  I did get to weed by the mailbox, and am thrilled to see the mystery flowers I had dug out of someone’s yard (thanks Freecycle community!) are now blooming beautifully.  Honestly, I forgot what I had put there, so it was a very pleasant surprise.   DSC01432

As for the rest of my garden areas, there are weeds all over the place. DSC01436 (What ARE these?  Especially the thin ones.  One touch and they spray their little seeds?  all over the place.  I am not pleased.  Though, I realize I am much to blame for their prevalence, as I had left the area bare and open to weed seeds last season.  Hey, I had morning sickness and increasingly lost my ability to bend over.   What’s a girl to do?)

One happy thing is our collards came back on their own!  Yay cold weather crops!  Also found a few green onions I had forgot about still going strong.  So nice to have fresh veggies from the garden again.  DSC01392The collards are bolting and blooming now, which is quite beautiful.    Hopefully I can harvest the seeds and regrow them, as collards have been a very faithful and nutritious plant in our yard.DSC01397 DSC01398 The strawberries are coming in and the oregano is also looking fluffy and full.  Due to our late start with the baby, we bought a variety of tomato and other edible starter plants.  Even though its more costly than starting them from seed, it will be interesting to try the different kinds and see what we like best for what uses.  We also have a bunch of new, free plants to put in that my husband picked up at his company’s annual Earth Day plant swap, along with some flower seedlings I just started last weekend from seeds saved from my and my grandmother’s garden.  That is, if I make sure to keep them labeled properly!  We all know how well I keep track of things.  For now, its just a matter of keeping it all alive until some friends can help us build the raised garden beds I’ve been planning for a long time now.  I love how spring is full of new beginnings and new things to learn, plus welcoming back all the familiar beauties from previous years.


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