CSA Week 7

Week 7 (July 22-28): Blueberries, cabbage (again?!), kale, tomatoes, rosemary, green peppers. zucchini, garlic, corn on the cob

Monday: Baked the rest of the filling for the stuffed peppers from yesterday in the green peppers we got today, since we only had 3 to bake in, and the recipe called for 6.  Made more Southern cabbage using one head of cabbage and the garlic for tomorrow since we still had last week’s cabbage and now this week’s to use.  Ate the blueberries as is.

Tuesday: More kale and beet salad, not cause we’re THAT obsessed with it, but because we baked too many beets last week and need to eat them up somehow.  This used the kale.

Wednesday: Marinated and Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash using the zucchini and yellow squash, plus added the rosemary since it was going bad.  Used the broiler instead of grilling, and the leftover marinade on the baking tray was really good when sopped up with bread.

Thursday: Baked the corn on the cob and made eggplant sandwiches using the tomatoes.  We bought the eggplant and basil from the same farmer who does our CSA to make this, and it was SO worth it.  It’s so nice that the sandwich is made with foods that can all actually be produced at the same point in the year without depending on imports.  We did do the thing where you sprinkle salt on the slices of eggplant, let them sit, and then squeezed them to get the extra moisture out.  This combo worked well with the timing of using the oven- prep eggplant, put corn in to bake, and by the time corn is done, eggplant is ready to go in.

Friday: Ate out.

Saturday: Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw using the cabbage.  Well liked by everyone at the party I attended, but my husband found it much too sweet.

Sunday: Actually ran out of the CSA produce by now!  Made frozen veggies instead.


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