Bible Covers Sewing Plan


Each year our church hands out Bibles to the students graduating kindergarten.  Along with that, each student receives a Bible cover.  I was not aware of this.  All I knew was at the end of the list of needs for volunteers was for someone to sew Bible covers.  I was handed one of the Bibles the youth would get and a cover from a previous year to go off of and asked to avoid fabric with licensed characters.

So here are my notes for how to make more of these covers next year.  All measurements are given to fit this particular book:

DSC05036 (1)

Material needed:

Fabric of choice

Iron on fusible interfacing (if fabric of choice is thin or needs strength)

Cutting mat and cutter and ruler

Pins, sewing machine, iron, your basic sewing supplies


Step 1: Out of fabric of choice, cut one 12″ x 24″ piece, one 6″ x 6″ piece, and two 4″ x 11″ pieces.  If needing interfacing, cut out 10″ x 22″ piece of interfacing.  Thankfully the interfacing happens to be about 20″ wide and so fits our needs.


If no interfacing needed, skip it.  DSC05033.JPG


Step 2: If using, center the interfacing so you have 1″ fabric showing on each side.  Iron on as directed by interfacing.  Interfacing or none, do a 1/2″ hem, to make the whole piece 10″ x 22″


Step 3: Make handles.  Take 4″ x 11″ strips.  Fold short sides 1/4″ and iron down.  Then fold whole piece in half lengthwise and iron.  Then fold in the long sides into the center, so all raw edges are hidden.  Iron it in place, then sew all the way around, as close to the edge as possible.


Step 4:  Make a pattern piece out of paper, using measurements as shown.  Note the word “fold” penciled on there is about where you would fold the end flap up to make the cover.  I added the dashed lines to remind me to put the handle that way.



Step 5:  Attach handles.  Pin down handle as shown using pattern.  Then sew just the ends.  I used the lower pin to show me how far down to sew on the handle.



Step 6: Make strap for the snap. Take 6″ square piece of fabric, iron it in half with wrong side out.  Sew around 3 edges, leaving one short end open.  Cut off corners where it was sewn, turn it inside out (so right side of fabric is now showing), using chopstick to push out the corners. Tuck in the raw end, smooth flat, and sew around.

Step 7: Center snap strap between the two ends of one handle and sew in place.  Add male snap to lose end of snap strap.


Step 8: Fold up the short end by 3 and 1/8″ and pin down.  Do the same on the other end.  Sew 1/8″ along top and bottom edge to hold down flaps.

Step 9: Put case on Bible to check fit, and mark where the female snap should be.  Take case off and add female snap.


Step 10: Put back on Bible and admire your work.



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