Minnie Mouse Costume

My daughter was set on being Minnie Mouse and her little brother be Mickey Mouse, despite them hardly ever seeing the show.  I tried to convince them to be something more original or to just use a costume we already had, but she was sure.  So I told her, OK, we can do that on the off chance we find a really nice, super cheap Minnie Mouse OR Mickey Mouse costume that fits them.  A few days later, what do I find for next to nothing at a rummage sale?  A like-new Mickey Mouse costume that would perfectly fit my son.  I surrender.  Time to make a Minnie Mouse costume.

To make the dress, you need:

  • instructions and pattern from the Cottage Mama’s Party Dress.
  • 2 yards Keepsake Calico Large Dots on Rose Pink #0110-2060, 100% cotton, 44″ wide
  • 1 yard Country Classics CC Solid Bright Pink #0216-3319, 100% cotton, 44″ wide

I used the pattern and instructions for the main bodice, using the polka dot for the outside of the dress and the plain pink as the lining.  I cut the lining piece 2 inches longer than the outside polka dot piece, so that I would have the extra length under the main skirt to attach tulle to.  dsc05216

Instead of the rectangle pieces for the skirt, I did a circle skirt with the polka dot fabric, following the tutorial from MADE Everyday and the width of the bodice, rather than the waist measurement of my daughter (which I did the first time, and the skirt came out too small since my the bodice is roomy for my daughter).   dsc05217


I wanted really puffy sleeves, so I used the pattern from The Stitching Scientist.  However, I wanted the sleeves even puffier than how my test run came out.  So I elongated the sleeve, and increased the difference in height from the underarm of the sleeve to the top of the sleeve, in hopes that would add more fabric and volume.  (Outer solid line is my pencil line I added)  I don’t know if it actually worked, but the sleeves are decently puffy.  dsc05210

I sewed stiff tulle cut from a friend’s wedding dress, cut the width of the skirt and twice the length of the waist band.  I then sewed a double layer of softer tulle under that for more fullness and so the course tulle would not be itchy on my daughter’s legs.  dsc05245

So dress goes from this (not hemmed yet and no tulle):dsc05220-2

to this (now hemmed with tulle):dsc05247

For the sash, I followed Cottage Mama’s instructions, except I did half the width.

Added in a white pair of bloomers using the Sweet and Simple Bloomers pattern, and made Minnie Mouse ears using scrap black fleece and plastic canvas, using a vase to trace to make the circle.  dsc05249

Finished result!  I had intentions to add a peter pan collar, and make the white gloves, but I ran out of steam and interest.  Did add a tail to her bloomers, though, which she was quite pleased about.  Use nail polish and a spare pair of tap shoes to make the desired pink shoes.  dsc05325-2

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse trio!  I made the shoe covers for Mickey Mouse and my hubby frantically made his Toodles cardboard cut out late last night, just in time for the big event.  All the other kids, and parents, loved it, and we could hear everyone calling after Toodles as we walked around.  img_20161027_165712694-blog