Carseat Poncho

This is the problem with friends finding out you can sew.  You are enlisted to make them the stuff they see on-line.  Though I must say, this was easier than I expected and it is something that would be really useful for my own kids, and even myself.  Ok, and it is fun to learn and make new things.  Poncho making it is.

So many thanks to the Sewing Rabbit for posting the very tutorial I needed for the job!

Notes  on the blue poncho, for my friend’s newly 2 year old son:

  • I used fleece for the outer layer, and flannel for the lining.  It ended up quite heavy, so I am currently glad I did not do double layer fleece.
  • Radius for the main circle: 22.5″     Because that’s as big as the flannel fabric I had allowed to make a full circle in one cut
    • This is smaller than I originally planned, but when I tried it on my 3.5 year old, it still reached her knees.
  • Radius for neck hole: 3″
  • When making the hood pattern, make sure the bottom of the hood ends up being the same measurement as the neck hole.
  • The hood looked MASSIVE when sewing it, but actually turned out not that crazy massive.  I suppose little kids do have big heads (proportionally) anyways?DSC05356.JPG

Now time to make his 7 month old little sister a poncho.  Making this one based on my 18 month old and his clothes.  Red poncho is:

  • 20″ radius for main circle
  • 2.5″ radius for neck hole
  • This ended up fitting my 18 month old perfectly.  Cape hit at the knee, hood was just the right size, though I may make it bigger and neck hole bigger next time to allow for sweatshirts and such to be worn underneath it.  img_20161209_211803576

Now to make one for another friend’s about to turn 4 year old, and one for each of my kids.  It snowed this morning, so no time to waste!


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