Pink poncho:

  • 24″ radius
  • 3″ radius for head hole.  This head hole and hood fit me as an adult, and the hole is just too wide for her little shoulders.
  • Messed this one up a bit.  Next time I will make a paper pattern cause laying the fabrics out on top of each other (in an effort to save time from having to make a pattern) was not good, as the fabrics clung to each other and made it hard to smooth out.

Teal poncho 2T size:

  • Did flannel on outside and fleece on the inside.  This has a nicer, crisper look, but probably not as water resistant as having the fleece on the outside.
  • 2.75″ radius neck hole – I like this neck hole size much better than the 3″ for 2T and bigger kids
  • 21.5″ radius overall, as that’s as big as the flannel allowed to be cut in one piece.  This size seems to work well for my 19 month old and going on 4 year old just as well.  I think this may be the best size combo.
  • Made a new hood pattern, will have to scan it in as I like this better too
  • Need to add a snap or something stronger at the top to hold it all together, and hopefully deter efforts at taking it off.
  • Need to add slits to all ponchos for arms to come through.  img_20161219_120308400Teal poncho shown on going on 4 year old, though I made this for the 19 month old, and it suits him fine as well.

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