Hot cocoa mix by weight

Alton Brown’s Hot Cocoa Mix done by weight, thanks to “Hismusicnme’s” comment, so you can just set a container on the scale and pour directly into it.  No measuring cups needed this way!  I am saving the equation here, so I don’t lose it again.

“240 g.    Powdered Sugar
86 g.      Dutch Cocoa
163 g.    Powdered Milk (non-fat)
75 g.      Powdered Milk (full-fat)
1 tsp.     Salt
2 tsp.     Cornstarch
1 pinch. Cayenne (or, to taste)
Here it is as close as it comes in ounces:
9 oz.   Powdered Sugar
3 oz.   Dutch Cocoa
6 oz.   Powdered Milk (non-fat)
3 oz.   Powdered Milk (full-fat)
….. You know the rest “
Makes about 5 cups of hot cocoa mix in total.  I used about 3 tbl of this mix per mug of hot water.  The better the quality of ingredients, the better the hot cocoa.