Origami Bird Stamp Nursing Scarf


This year’s MOPS theme is freedom, and three origami birds are the theme’s picture.  I love origami, so was super excited to plan crafts around the origami birds.  I saw others stamp onto jersey knit fabric to make scarves, and thought I’d try it for our MOPS craft project.

I bought white jersey knit fabric from http://www.girlcharlee.com/ for $2.50 per yard!!  For my trial run, I cut off one yard of this fabric (36″) and it was 60″ wide so that it would be a scarf AND a nursing scarf when I sew the ends together.  Most nursing scarves seem to be around 60″ by 28″, so I will eventually cut mine down to that size.


Our library will do 3D printing for us.  Cost is $0.25 per ounce of plastic used.  Can pick from all the basic crayola pack colors (basically).  Primarily, the program Blender was used to design the stamp, based off the first bird in this year’s MOPS theme.

  • With current dimensions, each 3D stamper costs $2.75+tax (so $2.91).
    • If make stamp thinner, to be $2 per plus tax, then could get 25 stampers for $53.  30 stampers for $63.60.  Then each person can also take a stamper home as an ornament or something.

Bought Lumiere 2.25 oz. Fabric Paint-1PK using a 40% off coupon, so this jar of paint cost $3.17 + tax.  The color paint used here is gold.

Dabbed paint onto stamp using a foam brush.  Spreading it on did not let the paint go on thick enough in my opinion.  Having the open stamp design (instead of mounted to a block) allowed me to go back and line up the stamper to put more paint on any birds that did not get enough paint the first time around.

Seeing that the stamping worked, I plan to get the other two birds as stampers and fill in the blank areas with those birds, so I have a nice flock flying across.  DSC05883.JPG

This initial stamping took 10 minutes to do.  Set up took a few minutes, and clean up using dish soap and a brush took 5 minutes.  After about 40 minutes, the paint is dry to the touch, and I feel ok moving it.

The big concerns with doing this project at a MOPS meeting are drying time till the cloths can be moved without messing them up (Takes 24 hours to totally dry and be set.) and the amount of space needed to spread out all the scarves.

After the scarves are allowed to dry to the touch, we will have fabric glue to glue the ends together to make it an infinity scarf, for those who wish to do so.  In between the paint drying and the glue drying, we are looking to have a speaker or show one of the MOPS videos.


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