Make your own clock

Looking at the possibility of doing a Mom’s Night Out for our MOPS group where the mom’s make their own clock.  Basically, we’d need to buy pine boards at 3/4″ thick and cut into squares and a set of clock parts.  Drill a hole in the middle, and then moms can decorate the wood.  Could give them some print outs for people to follow to get images onto their clocks.

Ideas for clocks.


Origami Bird Stamp Nursing Scarf


This year’s MOPS theme is freedom, and three origami birds are the theme’s picture.  I love origami, so was super excited to plan crafts around the origami birds.  I saw others stamp onto jersey knit fabric to make scarves, and thought I’d try it for our MOPS craft project.

I bought white jersey knit fabric from for $2.50 per yard!!  For my trial run, I cut off one yard of this fabric (36″) and it was 60″ wide so that it would be a scarf AND a nursing scarf when I sew the ends together.  Most nursing scarves seem to be around 60″ by 28″, so I will eventually cut mine down to that size.


Our library will do 3D printing for us.  Cost is $0.25 per ounce of plastic used.  Can pick from all the basic crayola pack colors (basically).  Primarily, the program Blender was used to design the stamp, based off the first bird in this year’s MOPS theme.

  • With current dimensions, each 3D stamper costs $2.75+tax (so $2.91).
    • If make stamp thinner, to be $2 per plus tax, then could get 25 stampers for $53.  30 stampers for $63.60.  Then each person can also take a stamper home as an ornament or something.

Bought Lumiere 2.25 oz. Fabric Paint-1PK using a 40% off coupon, so this jar of paint cost $3.17 + tax.  The color paint used here is gold.

Dabbed paint onto stamp using a foam brush.  Spreading it on did not let the paint go on thick enough in my opinion.  Having the open stamp design (instead of mounted to a block) allowed me to go back and line up the stamper to put more paint on any birds that did not get enough paint the first time around.

Seeing that the stamping worked, I plan to get the other two birds as stampers and fill in the blank areas with those birds, so I have a nice flock flying across.  DSC05883.JPG

This initial stamping took 10 minutes to do.  Set up took a few minutes, and clean up using dish soap and a brush took 5 minutes.  After about 40 minutes, the paint is dry to the touch, and I feel ok moving it.

The big concerns with doing this project at a MOPS meeting are drying time till the cloths can be moved without messing them up (Takes 24 hours to totally dry and be set.) and the amount of space needed to spread out all the scarves.

After the scarves are allowed to dry to the touch, we will have fabric glue to glue the ends together to make it an infinity scarf, for those who wish to do so.  In between the paint drying and the glue drying, we are looking to have a speaker or show one of the MOPS videos.

Snow white inspired apron for adults

I had made some princess aprons using It’s Always Autumn‘s awesome tutorial.  My friend saw them and asked if I could make her an adult size one.  I used Sew4Home‘s tutorial for guidance on how big to make the top and the bottom of the apron.

Here’s the dimensions for the top:


And for the bottom piece/skirt I made it 18″ x 32″.  I still used the 7/8″ grosgrain ribbon for the ties.  Neck ties were 28″ long each, and the skirt sash was 72″.



Hot cocoa mix by weight

Alton Brown’s Hot Cocoa Mix done by weight, thanks to “Hismusicnme’s” comment, so you can just set a container on the scale and pour directly into it.  No measuring cups needed this way!  I am saving the equation here, so I don’t lose it again.

“240 g.    Powdered Sugar
86 g.      Dutch Cocoa
163 g.    Powdered Milk (non-fat)
75 g.      Powdered Milk (full-fat)
1 tsp.     Salt
2 tsp.     Cornstarch
1 pinch. Cayenne (or, to taste)
Here it is as close as it comes in ounces:
9 oz.   Powdered Sugar
3 oz.   Dutch Cocoa
6 oz.   Powdered Milk (non-fat)
3 oz.   Powdered Milk (full-fat)
….. You know the rest “
Makes about 5 cups of hot cocoa mix in total.  I used about 3 tbl of this mix per mug of hot water.  The better the quality of ingredients, the better the hot cocoa.

Pink poncho:

  • 24″ radius
  • 3″ radius for head hole.  This head hole and hood fit me as an adult, and the hole is just too wide for her little shoulders.
  • Messed this one up a bit.  Next time I will make a paper pattern cause laying the fabrics out on top of each other (in an effort to save time from having to make a pattern) was not good, as the fabrics clung to each other and made it hard to smooth out.

Teal poncho 2T size:

  • Did flannel on outside and fleece on the inside.  This has a nicer, crisper look, but probably not as water resistant as having the fleece on the outside.
  • 2.75″ radius neck hole – I like this neck hole size much better than the 3″ for 2T and bigger kids
  • 21.5″ radius overall, as that’s as big as the flannel allowed to be cut in one piece.  This size seems to work well for my 19 month old and going on 4 year old just as well.  I think this may be the best size combo.
  • Made a new hood pattern, will have to scan it in as I like this better too
  • Need to add a snap or something stronger at the top to hold it all together, and hopefully deter efforts at taking it off.
  • Need to add slits to all ponchos for arms to come through.  img_20161219_120308400Teal poncho shown on going on 4 year old, though I made this for the 19 month old, and it suits him fine as well.

Carseat Poncho

This is the problem with friends finding out you can sew.  You are enlisted to make them the stuff they see on-line.  Though I must say, this was easier than I expected and it is something that would be really useful for my own kids, and even myself.  Ok, and it is fun to learn and make new things.  Poncho making it is.

So many thanks to the Sewing Rabbit for posting the very tutorial I needed for the job!

Notes  on the blue poncho, for my friend’s newly 2 year old son:

  • I used fleece for the outer layer, and flannel for the lining.  It ended up quite heavy, so I am currently glad I did not do double layer fleece.
  • Radius for the main circle: 22.5″     Because that’s as big as the flannel fabric I had allowed to make a full circle in one cut
    • This is smaller than I originally planned, but when I tried it on my 3.5 year old, it still reached her knees.
  • Radius for neck hole: 3″
  • When making the hood pattern, make sure the bottom of the hood ends up being the same measurement as the neck hole.
  • The hood looked MASSIVE when sewing it, but actually turned out not that crazy massive.  I suppose little kids do have big heads (proportionally) anyways?DSC05356.JPG

Now time to make his 7 month old little sister a poncho.  Making this one based on my 18 month old and his clothes.  Red poncho is:

  • 20″ radius for main circle
  • 2.5″ radius for neck hole
  • This ended up fitting my 18 month old perfectly.  Cape hit at the knee, hood was just the right size, though I may make it bigger and neck hole bigger next time to allow for sweatshirts and such to be worn underneath it.  img_20161209_211803576

Now to make one for another friend’s about to turn 4 year old, and one for each of my kids.  It snowed this morning, so no time to waste!

Minnie Mouse Costume

My daughter was set on being Minnie Mouse and her little brother be Mickey Mouse, despite them hardly ever seeing the show.  I tried to convince them to be something more original or to just use a costume we already had, but she was sure.  So I told her, OK, we can do that on the off chance we find a really nice, super cheap Minnie Mouse OR Mickey Mouse costume that fits them.  A few days later, what do I find for next to nothing at a rummage sale?  A like-new Mickey Mouse costume that would perfectly fit my son.  I surrender.  Time to make a Minnie Mouse costume.

To make the dress, you need:

  • instructions and pattern from the Cottage Mama’s Party Dress.
  • 2 yards Keepsake Calico Large Dots on Rose Pink #0110-2060, 100% cotton, 44″ wide
  • 1 yard Country Classics CC Solid Bright Pink #0216-3319, 100% cotton, 44″ wide

I used the pattern and instructions for the main bodice, using the polka dot for the outside of the dress and the plain pink as the lining.  I cut the lining piece 2 inches longer than the outside polka dot piece, so that I would have the extra length under the main skirt to attach tulle to.  dsc05216

Instead of the rectangle pieces for the skirt, I did a circle skirt with the polka dot fabric, following the tutorial from MADE Everyday and the width of the bodice, rather than the waist measurement of my daughter (which I did the first time, and the skirt came out too small since my the bodice is roomy for my daughter).   dsc05217


I wanted really puffy sleeves, so I used the pattern from The Stitching Scientist.  However, I wanted the sleeves even puffier than how my test run came out.  So I elongated the sleeve, and increased the difference in height from the underarm of the sleeve to the top of the sleeve, in hopes that would add more fabric and volume.  (Outer solid line is my pencil line I added)  I don’t know if it actually worked, but the sleeves are decently puffy.  dsc05210

I sewed stiff tulle cut from a friend’s wedding dress, cut the width of the skirt and twice the length of the waist band.  I then sewed a double layer of softer tulle under that for more fullness and so the course tulle would not be itchy on my daughter’s legs.  dsc05245

So dress goes from this (not hemmed yet and no tulle):dsc05220-2

to this (now hemmed with tulle):dsc05247

For the sash, I followed Cottage Mama’s instructions, except I did half the width.

Added in a white pair of bloomers using the Sweet and Simple Bloomers pattern, and made Minnie Mouse ears using scrap black fleece and plastic canvas, using a vase to trace to make the circle.  dsc05249

Finished result!  I had intentions to add a peter pan collar, and make the white gloves, but I ran out of steam and interest.  Did add a tail to her bloomers, though, which she was quite pleased about.  Use nail polish and a spare pair of tap shoes to make the desired pink shoes.  dsc05325-2

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse trio!  I made the shoe covers for Mickey Mouse and my hubby frantically made his Toodles cardboard cut out late last night, just in time for the big event.  All the other kids, and parents, loved it, and we could hear everyone calling after Toodles as we walked around.  img_20161027_165712694-blog

Nov 4-10: Fall time eatings

Used eggs to make Chocolate Chai Ice Cream.  The nutmeg or something was too overpowering, so will have to try it again.

Easy Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup using butternut squash, baked down Alton Brown’s way.

Indian Chickpea Daal to go with Pumpkin Naan.  Used the big pumpkin that people usually just carve into jack o’lanterns, and the pumpkin was too watery.  Will have to try it again with more concentrated pumpkin.

Chickpea, pumpkin and collard stew, using its namesakes.  Very healthy and perfect for a cold day.

CSA Oct. 21-27

Oct 21-27: Kale, eggplant, apples, lettuce, potatoes, basil, beets, sunshine squash

Monday: Used one sunshine squash to sub in for our missing acorn squash from the stuffed acorn squash.

Tuesday: Broccoli-Basil Mac n’ cheese using broccoli, basil, and the other sunshine squash.  A good, one of those sneak-in-the veggies dishes.  Had Fish in Foil Pouch as well.

Wednesday: Roasted the beets to go on the kale for a salad and sauteed the beet greens